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Tell John McCain: Don't Reward Murder with Trade

Teamsters Salute Nation's Police Officers



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Barack Obama Addresses Teamsters Unity Conference
Watch Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's two-part address to Teamsters at the union's 2008 Unity Conference on YouTube.

General President Hoffa Leads Working Class Convoy for Change in Pennsylvania
During a three-day Working Class Convoy for Change tour through Pennsylvania, Teamsters President Jim Hoffa met with workers in Pennsylvania to discuss why Teamsters oppose "free" trade deals that have cost thousands of Pennsylvanians their jobs, and how Sen. Barack Obama could help to stop this catastrophic trend. Watch the YouTube video on this event. (Running time - 4:45) 

General President Hoffa Leads Working Class Convoy for Change in Pennsylvania
During a three-day Working Class Convoy for Change tour through Pennsylvania, Teamsters President Jim Hoffa met with workers in Pennsylvania to discuss why Teamsters oppose "free" trade deals that have cost thousands of Pennsylvanians their jobs, and how Sen. Barack Obama could help to stop this catastrophic trend. Watch the YouTube video on this event. (Running time - 4:45) 

Teamsters Rally to Protect UAL Mechanics' Jobs
Teamsters President James Hoffa led a rally with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom calling on United Airlines to stop outsourcing mechanics work and keep aviation maintenance jobs in the Bay Area. See the YouTube video of the March 5 event.  (Running time - 9:52) 

Teamsters Hold Informational Meeting for UAL Mechanics
During the two Q&A segments of the informational meeting held March 1 in San Francisco, Teamsters address questions about reopening the mechanics' contract with United Airlines and grievance backlogs. Listen to the Teamsters' solution.

Teamsters Endorse Obama
CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviews Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa about union's decision to back Sen. Obama in the Democratic race for the presidency. "The question is, who can win? And the question is, who is speaking about issues and who has caught the imagination of the American voter and who has caught the imagination of workers in America," Hoffa says.
(Running time - 5:00) 

Teamsters Rally Against Illegal Mexican Truck Program
More than 500 Teamsters turned out to voice their opposition to Transportation Secretary Mary Peters’ illegal Mexican truck pilot program. (Running time - 5:37) 

Union Holds National Conference Call With Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust
Recently, the Teamsters held a national conference call with representatives from the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust. An informative presentation and a Q&A session were held. United Airlines mechanics from across the nation had the opportunity to call in with questions about securing their retirement with the Teamsters and get the answers from the experts! Hear the audio from the two sessions.

Teamsters and NAACP Speak Out Against New Era Discrimination
Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond discuss the results of a report by the civil rights organization that shows a pattern of racial discrimination and worker harassment at New Era Cap facilities in the Deep South. (Running time - 6:50) 

Teamsters Show Support for United Airlines Mechanics
Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa, along with other Change to Win union leaders, pledge their support for the United Airlines mechanics in their effort to become Teamsters. (Running time - 8:57)

Rail Unions Sign Tentative Amtrak Agreement
On Friday, January 18, 2008, representatives of several rail unions, including the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes, a division of the Teamsters Rail Conference, signed a tentative agreement with Amtrak. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and Rep. James Oberstar attended the official signing. BMWED members Stuart Hurlburt and Jedd Dodd, which represent more than 2,000 maintenance of way workers on Amtrak, offered remarks. (Running time - 3:45)

Outsourcing Your Safety
Teamsters union informs fliers that United Airlines is outsourcing its maintenance work to China. See this report by CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight. (Running time - 3:35)

Teamsters Protest Unsafe Cross-Border Trucking
On December 5, General President Hoffa led the Teamsters in an early morning rally at Otay Mesa to protest the Bush Administration's unsafe Mexican trucking program. See the Teamster video covering the event. (Running time - 3:56)

Additional media coverage: 

Teamsters Seek Election to Represent United Mechanics
Mechanics seek a strong voice to help them withstand the assault on their jobs and prevent the weakening of aviation safety and security. View coverage of the press conference. (Running time - 6:25)

General President Jim Hoffa on Peru Free Trade Agreement
Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa tells Bloomberg News that the Peru FTA will be another failed trade policy that gives American businesses incentives to move more jobs offshore. "We should take a whole new look at trade and how it fits into globalization." (Running time - 4:49)

Local 786 President Mike Yauger Discusses Helmets to Hardhats With FOX TV
Watch this extended interview with Mike Yauger, President of Local 786 in Chicago and award winning news anchor Robin Robinson talking about the Helmets to Hardhats program. (Running time - 20:35)

View a Summary of UPS-IBT Pension Issues
Ken Hall, International Vice President and Director of the Parcel Division, and attorney Ed Gleason explain the UPS/IBT Full-Time Employee Pension Plan contained in Article 34L of the Master Agreement for Teamsters covered under the Central States Pension Plan. (Running time - 43:58)

Bill Moyers Examines Why "Free" Trade Isn't Fair Trade
The continually devastating impact on American families, international human rights, and the corporate ravaging of this country's economic infrastructure—stemming from the free trade agreements fostered by the Bush Administration—are explored in the October 19 segment of PBS's Bill Moyers Journal. (Running time - 9:29)

Abolish Norfolk Southern Camp Cars
Maintenance of way workers -- the men and women who build and maintain railroad tracks and bridges -- endure inhuman living conditions on the Norfolk Southern railroad. Norfolk Southern is the only railroad corporation in the United States that still houses maintenance of way workers in camp cars. (Running time - 5:59)

Hoffa Speaks Out Against Mexican Trucks in Houston
Speaking to the annual women's conference, Hoffa says the American people have spoken but 'George Bush is tone deaf and arrogant.' (Running time - 2:27)

Teamsters Protest at the Border as U.S. Highways Open to Mexican Trucks
On September 6, hundreds of Teamsters protested the Bush administration’s opening of U.S. highways to Mexican trucks at border crossings in San Diego and Laredo,Texas. The union says they’re unsafe.
(Running time - 1:06)

Teamsters Meet Up With DailyKos Bloggers
General President Jim Hoffa and  other Teamsters held a rally and cookout following the YearKos Convention to stress the importance of labor and the Netroots community joining forces to build a stronger progressive movement for America’s working families. More than 1,500 people attended, including bloggers and Chicago-area Teamsters who came out to show their support. (Running time - 6:41)

Bus Drivers Confront FirstGroup
Teamster Organizing Director Jeff Farmer explains why four school bus drivers traveled to the U.K. to confront FirstGroup management. (Running time - 3:16)

Hoffa, Senators Rally Support for Employee Free Choice Act
General President Jim Hoffa joined other union leaders and senators near the U.S. Capitol June 19 to demand Congress toughen the laws against employers who flout the law and make it easier for workers to form unions. (Running time - 5:15)

Hoffa Urges Unity to Rebuild Michigan
The following are audio excerpts from General President Jim Hoffa's May 30 speech to the Detroit Regional Chamber's Mackinac Policy Conference, calling for business and labor to work together to help revitalize Michigan's economy.

Hoffa Discusses Fact-Finding Mission
General President Jim Hoffa provides an overview of the Teamster delegates' recent fact-finding trip to Beijing on National Public Radio's Morning Edition. (Running time - 3:52)

Hoffa Urges Senate to Stop Unsafe Mexican Trucks
General President Jim Hoffa tells a Senate subcommittee that he is alarmed over the Bush administration's rush to open American highways to overworked, underpaid and unchecked Mexican truck drivers. (Running time - 5:51)

Lou Dobbs Exposes the Dangers of Mexican Trucks
General President Jim Hoffa is featured in this February 23 segment of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight. Reporter Bill Tucker also reveals holes in the Department of Transportation's plan to allow Mexican trucks to roam freely across the United States. (Running time - 3:52)

Hoffa Takes on Wall St. Journal on CNBC
General President Jim Hoffa goes head to head with a Wall Street Journal editor on the issue of cross-border trucking. (Running time - 5:50)

CNN's Glenn Beck Interviews Hoffa on Mexican Trucking
CNN's conservative commentator Glenn Beck interviews General President Jim Hoffa on the harm Mexican trucks would drive into the United States if Bush's plan to open the US-Mexican border goes forward. (Running time - 7:32)

Hoffa Fires Up Laidlaw Workers
General President Jim Hoffa speaks to Laidlaw bus drivers and monitors during an organizing drive at Local 270 in New Orleans. (Running time - 9:21)

2007 Legislative Priorities (MP3 Audio)
Listen in as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Government Affairs team briefs reporters on the union's 2007 priorities for the new Congress. Issues range from the Employee Free Choice Act, to passing an increase to the minimum wage and including worker protections in future trade agreements:

  1. Introduction by Assistant Director of Communications Leigh Strope and Director of Government Affairs Mike Mathis (running time: 12:51).

  2. Outline of 2007 Legislative Priorities by Legislative Director Fred McLuckie (20:25).

  3. Trade and Immigration by Legislative Representative Yvette Pena-Lopes (5:47).

  4. Reporter questions and answers (30:48).

2006 Women's Conference
More than 750 Teamster women from across North America gather in Phoenix for the sixth annual Teamsters Women's Conference, a four-day conference designed to educate, inspire and promote leadership among Teamster women. (Running time - 6:17)

NAFTA: Ten Years of Broken Promises
The North American Free Trade Agreement was supposed to raise living standards for both American and Mexican workers. Instead America has lost jobs by the thousands and Mexican workers are being exploited. Now the Bush Administration wants to extend the same types of agreements to the rest of Latin America, China and India. Tell Congress not to accept these exploitive agreements. (Running time - 9:28)

The American Outsourcing Epidemic
Learn how the Bush administration has traded American jobs for foreign support in the war in Iraq. (Running time - 7:40)

Exposing Cintas
With 500,000 customers and $2.7 billion in sales, Cintas is the biggest and baddest launderer in North America. It also has a history of breaking the law and building its business on the backs of workers. Despite record profits, the company pays its employees near minimum wages, has discriminated against minorities and women and repeatedly blocked its workers' right to organize. (Running time - 9:15)

Organizing DHL
Working conditions are extremely difficult for non-union members at DHL. DHL purchased Airborne when it had 9,000 employees who were Teamsters. The contrast between Airborne Teamsters and non-unionized workers at DHL made it easier to organize some of the workers at DHL. (Running time: 4:29)

The Day It Begins: DHL Youngstown, Ohio
In Youngstown, Ohio, the Teamsters assist drivers at DHL in beginning the process of joining their union. This video shows the day that it begins....(Running time: 2:54)

Protecting Those Who Serve
They protect us, but no one was protecting the police officers in many of our communities. They needed a union and turned to the Teamsters to help them negotiate and enforce contracts. (Running time - 6:40)

Diamond Walnut: 14 Years on the Line
In 1985 Diamond Walnut faced bankruptcy and turned to its workers for help. The workers, Teamsters from Local Union 601, agreed to make concessions. When the workers' contract was up, Diamond had reached the Fortune 500 and bragged of record profits. But instead of giving those profits back to its employees, the company demanded more concessions. The workers went on strike -- a fight that would last 14 years. (Running time - 14.27)

JAB: Joint Association of Boxers
JAB's goal is to give boxers the dignity, security and protection they deserve. Find out more. (Running time - 3:36)

The Threat to America's Ports
America's Homeland Security has a substantial vulnerability--its ports. Port drivers are exploited and identified as independent contractors, unable to unionize. They are not paid for their time waiting in line or moving materials within a port. This exploitation and inadequate checks of drivers leave ports vulnerable. (Running time: 4:30)

Increasing Benefits to New Members as UPS Expands
There are over 200,000 Teamster members at UPS and the Teamsters are continuing efforts to secure good contracts, health benefits, and secure pensions for these members. As UPS expands, it is necessary to ensure that the benefits of Teamster membership are extended to workers in new companies that it acquires. (Running Time: 6:44)

Securing Good Contracts and Enforcing Them
Teamsters have negotiated record increases in wages, health care, and pensions through good contracts. Good contracts also provide solid job security and provide greater respect of employees by management. (Running Time: 5:09)

Fixing the Strike Fund
The Strike Fund used to pay only $55 a week which was insufficient. The Union had financial problems as a whole, which were addressed by a Blue-Ribbon Panel and then resolved in a 2002 Special Convention. The Strike Fund will now pay 10 times the hourly rate per week during a strike. This allows members to last out the bad times and reveals the strength of the Teamsters Union. (Running Time: 5:05)

Wake Up Wal-Mart!
Illustrates the "Wake Up, Wal-Mart!" campaign designed to force Wal-Mart to pay employees fairly, as well as provide health insurance for all of its workers. (Running time: 4:51)

Driving America's Future
Most politicians are millionaires who do not understand average working Americans. These politicians are focused on fund raising and represent the interests of their contributors. What's the answer? Teamsters electing Teamsters. With help and training from the Union, rank-and-file Teamsters are running for -- and winning -- posts in their communities, state houses and on the Federal level.(Running time - 9:36)

D.R.I.V.E.--Supporting Those Who Support Us
D.R.I.V.E. stands for Democratic, Republican, Independent, Voter Education. Union dues cannot be used to support political campaigns. D.R.I.V.E. allows the Teamster Union to support politicians who support the Teamsters. (Running time: 4:55)

Change to Win: New Strength & Unity for Working People
Seven unions, one mission: To grow the labor movement by focusing on organizing workers across the country and around the world. (Running time - 8:15)

Unions Working Together
The Teamsters left the AFL-CIO to form a new coalition called Change to Win, with seven other unions, where they all stand together and cooperate. There are new ways to organize and the Teamsters are part of this new movement, Change to Win, organizing together for growth and greater power. (Running Time: 3:34)

Niagara Falls Women's Conference
The 2005 Woman's Conference in Ontario, Canada. This conference explores the benefits of woman in the labor movement, such as how woman are more likely to vote for a union than men are. The conference also discusses the role of Teamster women and how they are truly equal members in the International as everyone has an equal vote and voice. (Running time: 5:42)

Teamsters Canada: A Strong Union
Involvement with the Teamsters has raised the quality of living for many. These members are proud and grateful for what the Teamsters have done for them, showing the international character of our union. (Running Time: 5:42)

Organizing to Win
Organizing is the key to success. The Teamsters have grown during the period from the 2001 to 2006 Convention and this has occurred due to an increased effort in organizing campaigns. The Teamsters have mobilized their members and begun a great many new organizing campaigns, to ensure growth. (Running Time: 5:52)

Organizing for Power
Organizing is the key to gaining more power, to making the union stronger and allowing its voice to be heard. As more people organize, it becomes easier for other people to organize. There is strength in numbers and without the numbers; management is not going to heed the voice of the union. (Running time: 2:43)

Hillary Clinton's Message to the Convention
Hillary Clinton's recorded message to the International Convention. She discusses various national issues where she is in agreement with the Teamster's Union, issues that the administration is failing to deal with. (Running time: 5:43)


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